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Company Introduction 


Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (Pulead) operates at the leading edge of technology innovation in the development and manufacture of three kinds of electrochemical cathode active materials, namely LCO, LFP, and NCM utilized in high performance lithium-ion batteries

In 1999, Oriental Investment Co., Ltd. and the Peking University jointly established Pulead. The company is headquartered in Beijing and operates additional production sites in Tai’an (Shandong Province) and Xining (Qinghai Province).

The R&D department of Peking University, one of China’s most reputable universities, is at the very core of the company’s technological innovation.

Pulead is expanding its production capacity while at the same time guaranteeing consistent high quality with products that conform to industry standards with certification by the National Certification Bureau.

Pulead is closely collaborating with global battery manufacturers such as ATL and Lishen and is now the supplier of choice for a range of industry leading MNEs. The company maintains a leading market position and differentiates itself from other manufacturers through outstanding customer service, consistent high-quality products, and reliable order delivery. 



Corporate Vision

We envisage a future where  technological innovation in lithium-ion batteries will make a vital contribution to the development of a green economy.


Corporate Mission:

As an industry leader and innovator, Pulead will  unlock the true potential of lithium resources.

In line with the company's vision, our team is firmly committed to maintain a strong competitive position in the worldwide pioneering manufacturing industry of cathode active materials (LCO, LFP and NMC) as utilized in high performance lithium-ion batteries.

With relentless focus on R&D activities, product performance improvements, operational effectiveness, capacity expansion and a customer-centric approach of business activities, we are on target for long-term growth that will create maximum value to shareholders while maintaining innovative products of consistent high quality. 


Corporate Logo

The company logo represents the integration of three separate elements united in a single unit.

‘PU’ is the abbreviation of Peking University, while ‘lead’ refers to the pioneering and industry-leading position the company strives to maintain.

The “L” of lead represents the speed and relentless ambition of Pulead in pursuing its development as a major player in the industry.

R&D Team Structure 



The R&D  team  of Pulead consists of the Beijing Power Li-ion Battery  Engineering Research Center; the Beijing Engineering Research Center of New Energy Storage and Power Battery;  the Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Battery Material and Technology and  the LFP Technology Development Center . Furthermore, additional  regional R&D centers have been established at the manufacturing plant in Tai’an as well as Xining. The R&D department of Peking University is at the very core of the company’s technological innovation.


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